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Some customers have reported issues with Microsoft Dynamic Updates after installing virtual appliances (VAs) in their environment or installing the Umbrella Roaming Client on some machines.

The most commonly reported symptom is that clients cannot resolve A or PTR records for other client machines while using the VAs or the Roaming Client for DNS resolution.

Please see For a static client, the client will communicate directly with the authoritative DNS server to update its PTR record.

It will first start by performing an SOA query for the reverse lookup name for the client in question: The client then receives a response from the authoritative DNS server containing information about the server that is to process the dynamic update.

When the NS records have been updated to point to Office 365, your domain is all set up.

Updated on 20-October-2016 at AM This tutorial assumes you have selected to use an external DNS server when adding your domain.It's hard to imagine having to manually add and remove DNS records as fast as machines are constantly getting replaced in most IT organization these days.When DDNS is working properly it's wonderful, but when it fails it can sometimes turn into a major pain to troubleshoot.If instead you've selected to use our DNS server then checkout Redelegation - Pointing your domain to our name servers from a domain registrar .The below document provides instructions on how to update A and SPF records with some popular domain registrars.

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