Dhcp not updating lease

Ugh, now we’ve got two different names associated with the same IP address in DNS. I mentioned this issue manifesting itself as a problem installing the SCCM client, but in reality we can demonstrate this with a much simpler example; accessing a shared folder. Realize this works just fine if the IP address is used instead of the FQDN. Because NTLM authentication will be used instead of Kerberos authentication.

The Port Number of DHCP Server is 67 and The Port Number of DHCP Client is 68.

Low DHCP lease durations (in the hours) are sometimes used for wireless subnets.

Be mindful of the performance of your servers though, especially if you have a DNS server set to scavenge every few hours on very large DNS zones. Now, we understand the problem, when the problem happens, and how to prevent it.

I have checked the event viewer logs for the DHCP and DNS server but nothing is present?

I have two DCs, both have DNS running, one running DHCP.

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