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The 29-year-old actress, on set in a parka, skinny jeans and boots, was delighted to get the nod for the role.‘When I first came on this job one of the producers had said they thought that JK Rowling had based Robin slightly on some aspects of herself.That’s what real life is like.‘Having said that, private detectives do still exist and many of them have come out of the forces. If I’d placed them both [Cormoran and Robin] in the police force, the dynamic between them would have been entirely different.I wanted to explore a far more small-scale, human operation and a far more personal relationship.’TV’s newest detective doesn’t look much like a hero, or even a detective, but to millions of readers, Cormoran Strike (played by Tom Burke, 36, who starred in BBC1’s War And Peace) will be very familiar.I read the books thinking, “God, Robin’s just like me!” But then every woman I’ve spoken to since who loves the books loves them because they think Robin’s just like them.It is an odd but strangely compelling set-up.‘It is challenging to create a hero who is not in the police force,’ Rowling explains.‘We’ve moved – for excellent reasons – to heroes who are operating within the force, because then you have access to all this amazing evidence and it’s credible. Because I had this idea for a relationship between this man and this woman, that was the world it had to be in.

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When she disappeared quietly from her world of wands and wizards, JK Rowling was determined that her next project would be as far from Hogwarts as she could get.Aside from having to put on weight and ‘bulk up’, he was concerned that he really should inhabit the character.‘Getting this really felt like a big deal,’ he says.‘It had become a complete impossibility in my head that it would happen.Finding the right lead man, Rowling says, was the first problem, but she trusted the instincts of her production company, Brontë Film & TV, which is making the series.On Burke’s part, too, there was initial apprehension.

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