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She said Beau Maestas told her "the police were coming, they were coming soon, and we needed to hurry." Bantam said after the attack they went to the siblings's grandmother's house to clean up, and Beau Maestas called a friend near Salt Lake City and told him they had just killed some children and needed a place to go.Along the way, Beau Maestas threw the knives, bloody clothing and towels on the roof of an abandoned gas station in Fillmore, Utah."She (Brittney) didn't want to die, and I told her she wasn't going to die and I was here to help her." Swanson then walked the jury through the pictures of the scene.Although the gruesome pictures showed clearly the wounds inflicted on the two girls, Thursday's testimony from Beau Maestas' ex-girlfriend, who was with Maestas and his sister, Monique, the night of the killing and as they fled to Utah, provided the narrative.

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Roughly 10 minutes later, she said, Maestas returned, saying "The little girl would not let him in the house." Bantam said Monique Maestas "encouraged" her brother to return with her saying "the little girl would probably let her (Monique) in the house." She said the siblings walked away "huffing and puffing." Fifteen minutes later Bantam said the brother and sister came running toward the vehicle with bloody hands." She said she took the question as meaning Monique Maestas wanted to hurt her because she had been an eyewitness.Bantam said although Beau didn't answer Monique, he made "efforts to protect me." She said the biggest effort was made when Beau decided to pull over instead of trying to escape from police cars pursuing them in Utah.Gary Telgenhoff, medical examiner for the coroner's office, used a pointer to identify the stab wounds.The wounds included one that punctured the girl's head, broke through the skull and penetrated her brain.

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