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To determine the stiffness they used a rheometer, which shows how much force is needed to deform a certain volume of sand.Experiments revealed that the required pulling force decreased proportional to the stiffness of the sand.But how do you know if Russian really is the site for you?

There are obviously plenty of general dating sites to choose from but if you know you’re specifically interested in dating Russian women only, aren’t you better off on a site that caters to your needs?

In the presence of the correct quantity of water, wet desert sand is about twice as stiff as dry sand.

A sledge glides far more easily over firm desert sand simply because the sand does not pile up in front of the sledge as it does in the case of dry sand. A person standing on the front of the sledge wets the sand.

Source: Al-Ahram Weekly, 5-11 August 2004, issue 702.

Credit: Fundamental Research on Matter (FOM) Wall painting The Egyptians were probably aware of this handy trick.

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