Dating your marshall amp

I had recorded and played through the 2000's a few times and really liked the DSL which sounds much fatter and more focused then the TSL. right now i have a sound city 120, a vht pitbull50, a orange OD120, an 800 [and a couple ****ty amps... What kind of stuff do you find yourself using it on? its what townsend used to use before hiwatt [its what hiwatt became]. i plug into the sound city and its JIMI for daze like onaxis. i use it for clean sounding stuff to kinda gritty stuff.

Scam Cash had a pair of 50-watt B-stocks for 9 and I was about to pull the trigger on one. well i guess the 800 could go in this] and the Orange wins hands down on every tone every time with the OD's we are laying down right now. or you can put like a Big Muff [original or Pi] and get a super lead tone.

I aim to get an open backed 2 x 12 as well with fender blue Elnico speakers in it to complete the scene - (for clean combo sounds) That will do me for a while alongside amps the bands bring themselves... Originally posted by Jay Kahrs I don't know about that Line 6 distortion thing.

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I'd want to try one first because I'm not a huge fan of their amps or the POD and I can't imagine the distortion modeler being THAT much different. but those Matamp [vintage] amps look WICKED as hell. they are black tolex, white plate, black lettering. The Tech21 Sans Amp Classic is infinitely more useful IMO.I think it's called the "classic fuzz" or something.Sounds identical to a Fuzz Face but it about 1/5 of the price IF you can find one.I was about to buy a JCM 2000 DSL 50 watter but I decided to have lunch first so I went to Wendys.Well, on the way back to Scam Cash I decided to stop in Banjo Sinner for a quick look around and there it was. I played, I pulled out the cash for a deposit and I'm bringing it home tomorrow night. I checked there's nothing there to figure that out. I've got some other cool stuff here like a VHT Pitbull, Vox, Sound City 120 (might be for sale BTW) Boogie etc. Almost three years ago I let a single channel 800 slip through my fingers because it was a 100 watt and I wanted a 50.

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