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Identifying each service type outlet also enables information to be presented about the number of service users accessing each service type.

This information can then be used for future service planning at the state/territory level.

In the Disability Services National Minimum Data Set (DS NMDS), this data element is reported by funding departments in relation to all service type outlets.

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Abstract: Though interaction designers critique interfaces as a regular part of their research and practice, the field of HCI lacks a proper discipline of interaction criticism.

By interaction criticism I mean rigorous interpretive interrogations of the complex relationships between (a) the interface, including its material and perceptual qualities as well as its broader situatedness in visual languages and culture and (b) the user experience, including the meanings, behaviors, perceptions, affects, insights, and social sensibilities that arise in the context of interaction and its outcomes.

Interacting with Computers 23, 6 (November 2011), 604-621.

Interaction criticism: An introduction to the practice.

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