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Be careful with financing, since some banks will insist on a higher rate for a mortgage on rural property or anything to do with agribusiness. Climate change, while bad overall, should give us California style juice in the next decade or so. Sell the email list of those who post comments here to a psychiatric clinic.No way you’ll qualify for a rate subsidy until the business has proved itself, ditto for property tax rebates and other farmerly incentives. Accounting fees are high, the capital gain tax exemption on the house will be eliminated and you’ll have to claim a taxable benefit for living on the property. Here is the key though, don’t ask for any money up front, just 20% of the net. Why should I compromise to accommodate others but they don’t need to compromise to accommodate me?Besides, it’s been proven girls dig guys with houses and dogs who hum The Clash. If yes, should I get 100k extra mortgage or 100k as HELOC? First, Tom, your income-sprinkling days are over, thanks to Mr. The last budget put the kybosh on the ability to split your corporate income with your squeeze, unless she’s making a significant contribution and essentially acting as an employee.“This may be a quick one for you and not as interesting as other stories you are getting from other readers,” says Thomas, corresponding from some soulless street in the burbs. I have two kids going to school next to my current house. Second, regarding the mortgage, remember that amortized debt is not cool.Yes, the rate will be higher (prime plus a half, probably), but you can make interest-only payments, then deduct 100% of that from your taxable income.In fact if you ask the bank can probably structure a mortgage/Heloc combo for you, perhaps at a lower rate. The answer: if you understand borrowing increases risk.Plus there are not really any costs that you cannot write off through a sole proprietorship, which costs nothing to set up or maintain accounting for. Here is my dilemma, I went to my wife’s friends place for dinner. Just as I anticipated, I was served the most disgusting meal I’ve ever eaten.

Kelowna rents will fall along with house prices, but you are building some equity and not gutting your income. “So here is my question, is it worth taking extra 100K mortgage and invest in diversified portfolio?

“I am 40 years working as a consultant with about 200k annual billing. By agreeing to pay back a mortgage over 25 or 30 years you fork over a whack of interest which is font end-loaded so the lender gets its cut first.

So if you borrow some extra for investment purposes it should be in the form of a HELOC.

If you have some professional advice in structuring the portfolio. “I don’t think I’ve missed a blog post in 6 years,” says Peter, genuflecting quietly.

“I may need talking off a ledge and figured who better to get mocked by than you?

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