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Don Mc Cullin (born 1935) Shell-shocked Soldier, Hue 1968 Gelatin silver print Museum no.Ph.1280-1980 A well known war photographer, Mc Cullin covered events of global importance for the ' Sunday Times Magazine' throughout the 1960s and 1970s, including the Vietnam War.Cecil Beaton (1904-80) Evening Dresses 1936 Gelatin silver print Museum no.Ph.193-1977 A self-taught photographer, Beaton launched his career in 1926 with an exhibition in London that won him an immediate contract with Vogue.Velvet- trimmed dark woollen cloth gowns were fashionable in the 1880s, these tight bodices with narrow sleeves, high collars, the ‘plastron’ front (left) and pronounced bustle projection (right) dating this scene firmly to c.1886-89.This is an amateur snapshot taken using a personal camera, reflecting the early-mid 20th century surge in home photography.

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If large photograph albums or fragile pictures are involved, Jayne can visit clients or receive them at her Brighton home.

Her knee-length frock is juvenile, but stylistically reflects adult modes, its fine white muslin material, low neckline and high waistline indicating the 1810s/early 1820s.

Her ribbon trimmings and shoes are sky blue, a popular female colour in the 1800s.

E.314-1988 Given by Jem Southam Jem Southam is one of a group of British photographers who began using colour in the late 1970s, partly in response to the colour work of American photographers William Eggleston and Joel Sternfeld. E.96 to 99-2009 Given from the private collection of Michael and Fiona King, London, in loving memory of Rosina and John Palmer.

Here, his precise, detached style invites the viewer to scrutinise the café interior - the landscape painting on the wall, the variety of signs, the reflections on the tabletop and the way in which the wooden counter echoes the wooden picture frame. Images Courtesy of David Zwirner, New York Ruff is part of a leading group of contemporary German photographers trained at the Düsseldorf Academy of Art.

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