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An American farm laborer, meanwhile, created ,585 worth of output, down 10 percent from seven years ago, when U. A big thanks to the Norwegian embassy in Mexico for hosting a wonderful networking lunch with old & new collegeues at their stunning residence🙏🏻!slag=visbase&filnamn=MTMORRIS&spraak=n&metanr=2115Western Wisconsin Scandinavian Obituaries Biographies online Genweb Marriage - Bio's - Birth & Death Records up to 1907 15th Volunteer Infantry The Scandinavian Regiment County, Iowa Baptisms 1857-1876slag=visbase&filnamn=SAUDE&spraak=n&metanr=1938Iowa Biographies online Genweb County, Iowa Local Indexes to Search

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They also get more done per hour than everyone but the Norwegians, according to a U. report released Monday, which said the United States "leads the world in labor productivity."Each U. worker produces ,885 of wealth per year, more than their counterparts in all other countries, the International Labor Organization said in its report. productivity growth, which has outpaced that of many other developed economies, can be explained by the longer hours Americans are putting in, the ILO said. S., according to the report, also beats all 27 nations in the European Union, Japan and Switzerland in the amount of wealth created per hour of work - a second key measure of productivity. is second at .63, about a half-dollar ahead of third-placed France. The ILO report warned that the widening of the gap between leaders such as the U. In sub-Saharan Africa, workers are only about a twelfth as productive as those in developed countries, the report said."The huge gap in productivity and wealth is cause for great concern," ILO Director-General Juan Somavia said, adding that it was important to raise productivity levels of the lowest-paid workers in the world's poorest countries.

Ireland comes in second at ,986, ahead of Luxembourg, ,641; Belgium, ,235; and France, ,609. report is based on 2006 figures for many countries, or the most recent available. Norway, which is not an EU member, generates the most output per working hour, .99, a figure inflated by the country's billions of dollars in oil exports and high prices for goods at home. Seven years ago, French workers produced over a dollar more on average than their American counterparts. China and other East Asian countries are catching up quickest with Western countries.

Buy a Norwegian Dictionary, one of the best is "Norwegian-English Dictionary" by Einar Haugen.

I use the "Engelsk blå ordbok" Engelsk-norsk / norsk-engelsk also.

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