Dating single mother child support

Meanwhile, a moralistic undertow to British welfare policies from the 1980s has arguably targeted them, too.

Bishop was aged 17 when she got pregnant by a 21-year-old boyfriend who had just come out of the Navy, and her banishment by her family now sounds like something from a Victorian melodrama."I was living at home and didn't get on with my stepmother," recalls Gwen, whose mother had died when she was aged 10.She dreaded their reaction, particularly as history was repeating itself: she herself was the illegitimate daughter of an abandoned birth mother.Birdhurst was just one of three such institutions in which my mother stayed; the first was run by a religious charity called Skene Moral Welfare, a forerunner of Social Services, while another, in Hampstead, was run by the then London County Council.It all began with an abbreviated birth certificate that carried only the barest details.I had known since childhood that I was born 'out of wedlock', and that my father had deserted my mother as soon as he discovered she was pregnant in November 1950.

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