Dating sides in ukraine

Today in the morning 2 unidentified men attacked Ukrainian Army positions located at “Stanytsia Luhanska” checkpoint.

Two unidentified men who were moving in the line of people moving in the direction to the checkpoint “Stanytsia Luhanska” got out of the line in about 300-500 meters before the checkpoint and wend down to the field.

The were moving in the line of people crossing the checkpoint from the side of LPR controlled territory. Locals reported that OSCE observers were at the place right after attack. That was the only operating checkpoint in Luhansk Region.

About 300-500 meters before the checkpoint they got out of the line and launched 2 grenades using RPG. About 5 000 people were crossing that checkpoint daily.

There were 50 vehicles going in and 80 going out at Novotroitske checkpoint.

There were 20 vehicles at Hnutove checkpoint going in both directions.

Also cease-fire violations were registered yesterday near Tryokhizbenka and Krymske villages of Novoaidarsk Rayon, and near Zolote town and Troitske village of Popasna Rayon, the enemy used different types of small firearms there.

In total pro-Russian terrorist groups attack Ukrainian positions 91 times in the last 24 hours. The enemy continued to use weapon banned by Minsk Protocol, such as tanks and 120 and 82 mm artillery.

Today in the morning there were 200 vehicles at Zaitseve checkpoint going to government-controlled territory and 100 vehicles going out.

At Mariinka there were 130 vehicles going in and 300 going out.

According to recent report of Border Guard Service of Ukraine 20 973 people crossed the contact line in the East of Ukraine yesterday via 4 checkpoints operating in Donetsk Region.

Right now there is no checkpoints working in Lugansk Region.

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