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He refused to leave and tried to pass a security barrier saying 'Do what you need to do. He was given 32 hours of community service to complete by the DC Superior Court and warned to stay away from the White House.

His case was dropped in November after a judge determined he had completed the diversion program and his White House trespass did not break into the press, according to Heavy.

The guns, however, were eventually returned to Reinking's father who has since confessed to giving them back to his son.

As police search for Reinking, investigators look for a motive.

An illustrated preliminary programme is available in English, French, German and Dutch.

The participation fee is GBP 1000 for two persons sharing a room, or GBP 600 for one person.

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He had at least five run ins with Illinois police before he moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where Swift started her music career.

Reinking believed that Swift was hacking into his phone and into his Netflix account, according to the New York Daily News.

His family revealed that in an incident from May 2016 he believed Swift was stalking him.

His political beliefs are not publicly shared on Facebook.

Neighbors of Reinking's family said that he grew up in a 'really good Christian home'.

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