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Before sentencing, he finally led investigators to the Macomb property. "With Cindy, I drew a map, telling them where she was," Ream said.Asked last week about his reputation for mind games, Ream admitted it. "I was so mad at this detective, I drew some maps up and I was going to give them to him."The comment he made was if 'I ever do this again, I'll kill the next victim,' " the brother-in-law testified in a later case. Two months later, he wrote to Judge George Deneweth asking for a reduced sentence.Under 1970s laws, Ream was charged with statutory rape, a life offense. "I have done a lot of thinking here in prison," Ream wrote.The charge was later reduced to indecent liberties with a minor female child, a 10-year felony. "I want to tell the truth and have a second chance to prove that I will never be in trouble with the law again.I value my family too much to ever risk losing them again." Michigan investigators say Arthur Ream may have killed the following girls: Cynthia Coon, 13, missing since 1970 from Ann Arbor; Nadine O' Dell, 16, missing since 1974 from Inkster; Kimberly King, 13, missing since 1979 from Warren; Kim Larrow, 15, missing since 1981 from Canton; and Kellie Brownlee, 17, missing since 1982 from Novi.

But Ream also has a history of mind games, toying with investigators in a game of cat and mouse.I was just going to have him go dig, willy-nilly, someplace that I knew." Ream said he decided against providing the bogus maps because he thought he'd get in deeper trouble for doing it.But he suspects the idea of the maps could be the reason that he failed the polygraph test.Prosecutor Eric Smith said Ream's offer was rejected.He said when Ream offered to show them where Zarzycki's body was for a plea agreement "this man was the lowest form of human life that he would bargain with a dead 13-year-old's body." Smith said he wasn't going to take it or "cut him any breaks at all." The jury convicted Ream of first-degree murder, which carries a mandatory life sentence without parole. Ream said that when he learned police suspected him of killing multiple girls, he toyed with the idea of drawing phony maps to send them on a wild goose chase.

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