Dating remington cartridge boxes

Wesson, Enfield, Forehand & Wadsworth, Fox, FN, Franchi, Glock, Greener, Hapgood, Harrington & Richardson, Hawes, Hood Firearms, Hopkins & Allen, Ithaca, Iver Johnson, Joseph Golcher, Joseph Manton & Son, Kettland, L. Smith, Lefever, Manhattan Arms, Manton, Marble Safety Axe Co., Marlin, Massachusetts Arms Co., Mauser, Merwin & Bray, Monsin-Nagant, Moore, Mossberg, Nathan Starr & Son, Navy Arms, New England Firearms, New England Westinghouse, Parker, Potts & Hunt, Ramsdell, Remington, Remington-Elliott, Robins & Lawrence, Rock Island Arsenal, Rogers & Spencer, Ruger, Savage, Savage Revolving Firearms Co., Sears, Sedgley, Sharps, Sharps & Hankins, Sig Sauer, SKB, Smith & Wesson, Starr Arms Co., Stevens Arms, Taurus, Tower, Uberti, Vetterli, V. Richards, Weatherby, Webley, Winchester, Witloe, W C Scott & Son, Wm Moore, Wm Reid & Sons, W. Catalogs: This years catalog is finished and is Approx. 100 Miles north of Norfolk, VA, 55 Miles South of Dover, DE, 100 East of Washington, DC and 18 miles West of Ocean City, MD. ___________________________________________________________________________ 2018’s Auction will feature Firearms by Manufacturers including A. Waters, Alfred Jenks & Son, Allen & Wheelock, American Arms Co., Arisaka, Baker Gun Co., Beretta, Browning, Burnside Rifle Co., Charleville, Colt, Connecticut Arms, CVA, DWM, E. Guided by our new Power Portâ„¢ Tip, the Accu Tip Bonded Sabot Slug delivers a degree of accuracy and terminal performance unmatched by any other we tested.This masterpiece of aerodynamics consistently prints tiny 100-yard groups and transfers tremendous knockdown force out to the farthest reaches of shotgun range. In field testing, this huge .58-caliber slug produced gaping wound channels and crumpled every deer it touched with a single shot. High gloss checkered walnut with pistol grip cap and original bu ... Click for more info COMPLETED 1969 THIS IS A CONSECUTIVE NUMBERED PAIR WITH FACTORY LETTERS . THE 30-06 WAS ENGRAVED BY LEO BALA AND ROBERT RUNGE.

Click for more info Collectors, shooters, and hunters, this is an older Remington 1100 in the hard to find 28 Ga. It is unfired and like-new, having spent it's entire life in storage. Click for more info REMINGTON MODEL 81 WOODSMASTER 300 Savage, Straight Grained Pistol Grip Stock With Remington Steel Butt Plate, Semi-Automatic, Receiver was Tapped and Threaded for Scope Mount, Adjustable Open Si ... Remington Model FOUR in 30-06 caliber in about mint condition.

REMINGTON MODEL 742, COMES WITH ONE FACTORY MAGAZINE, WOOD EXCELLENT, 97% EXCELLEN ... Click for more info This Remington Woodsmaster was manufactured in 1979 but could pass as having been made last week.

Click for more info Remington 7400 Semi auto, 30-06 with a 22" barrel.

1st, 2018 as this session will be a TIMED ONLINE ONLY AUCTION. 150 Firearms, Over 1 Hundred Cataloged lots including a Selection of Loaded Ammunition, Reloading items, Shooting Accessories, Knives, Bayonets Artwork & more! S./ Mdl 1863 Type 2 Rifle Musket Lot #19 – Odenbaugh MDl Perc Sporting Rifle Lot #20 – Swiss Vetterly Mdl 1869-1871 BAR Lot #21 – Potts & Hunt Mdl Perc. Maker Mdl Sx S Perc Shotgun Lot #126 – Leader Mdl Sx S Hammer Shotgun Lot #127 – Savage/Stevens Mdl 311A SBS Shotgun Lot #128 – Ithaca Mdl 37 Featherweight Shotgun Lot #129 – Savage Mdl Stevens 94H Shotgun Lot #130 – AYA Aguirre & Arancabal Mdl 443 SBS Lot #131 – Thom.

___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ There will NOT be a Preview on Thursday Feb. Maker Mdl Perc Sporting Rifle Lot #6 – Mosin-Nagant Mdl 1891 BAR Lot #7 – J C Higgins Mdl 101.7 Sx S Shotgun Lot #8 – Richards Mdl Sx S Perc. Maker Mdl Fowler, “Long Tom” Lot #10 – WW Greener Mdl Single Barrel Shotgun Lot #11 – Winchester Mdl 1912 Pump Shotgun Lot #12 – Hopkins & Allen Mdl Sx S Shotgun Lot #13 – Euroarms Navy Mdl SA Revolver Lot #14 – H&R Mdl “The American DA” Rev Lot #15 – Orbea Hermanos Copy of S&W M&P Lot #16 – Arisaka Mdl Type 38 BAR Lot #17 – Eli Whitney, JR Mdl 1841 Musket Lot #18 – U.

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