Dating put ones self out there

Start dressing for what you want the universe to bring you.The clothes that you wear say a lot about who you are!

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People can tell when you’re not giving them your full attention and that’s not an exciting conversation to be in.

If you’ve gained weight and you’re reluctant to buy clothes one or two sizes bigger, you’re really only doing yourself a disservice because while you’re pulling your shirt down and pulling your pants up, you’re letting someone know that your insecure and unhappy with yourself.

Finally, the snow is melting, the temperatures are slowly but surely climbing their way back up, and people are feeling good now that spring is officially here.

You can only show off one of these assets at a time if you are going to show off anything at all.

If you show both breasts and legs, for example, you will come off as extremely “sexified.” Even if you think you’ve shown more than one area of skin tastefully, rethink your choices because you’re probably still attracting negative male attention.

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