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As a surname, Levite status may be indicated by the term Ha Levi, which consists of the Hebrew prefix "ה" Ha- ("the") plus Levi (Levite).The daughter of a Levite is a "Bat Levi" (Bat being Hebrew for "daughter").In South Asia, R1a1a has often been observed with high frequency in a number of demographic groups, reaching over 70% in West Bengal Brahmins in India and among the Mohani tribe in Sindh province in Pakistan.

There are a small number of schools, primarily in Israel, to train priests and Levites in their respective roles.

Today, Levites in Orthodox Judaism continue to have additional rights and obligations compared to lay people, although these responsibilities have diminished with the destruction of the Temple.

For instance, Kohanim are eligible to be called to the Torah first, followed by the Levites.

It found that Haplogroup R1a1a (R-M17), uncommon in the Middle East or among Sephardi Jews, is present in over 50% of Ashkenazi Levites, while the rest of Ashkenazi Levites' paternal lineage is of certain Middle Eastern origin.

Haplogroup R1a1a is found at the highest levels among people of Eastern European descent, with 50 to 65% among Sorbs, Poles, Russians, and Ukrainians.

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