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Productivity Doesn’t Matter, so Don’t Work so Hard Unless you’re launching a start-up (which Japanese people do not do, they only have 3% entrepreneur levels in the country compared to 13% in America), it’s unfathomable to me how you could have enough work to last 14 hours everyday. There actually isn’t enough work to do until midnight.

Since Japanese employees have to keep the wa and resign to their fate of working until the wee hours, employees usually spread their tasks out throughout the day and work at a snail’s pace.

Even if you suck at your job and spend half your shift sleeping on the desk, you’re still part of the big company family and papa company is going to take care of you.

The retention rate at Japanese companies is much higher than other developed countries; however, the few employees that are fired by their company take it really hard; like, suicide hard.

He had no voice, was shaking with fever and could only communicate in short wheezes and coughs—but he wanted to prove to his colleagues and superior that he was dedicated to his job. Later that day, he went to the hospital on his lunch break and got an IV transfusion.

He returned to work two hours later and stayed until eleven in the evening.

The average 35 year old male only makes 3,500,000 JPY annually (that’s about 30k USD with current exchange rate), and while living in Tokyo isn’t actually that expensive, salaries are still far below their American counterparts ().

Sadly, for many salarymen in Japan, life ends with the pink slip. If you google Japanese salaries, you may be alarmed at just how low they are.

The foreign English teacher, by the way, does not usually receive this bonus.

Don’t Take Paid Leave—Even if You’re Sick My fellow colleague came into the office wearing a mask.

They stay to keep the ‘wa,’ or harmony of the office.

Japan is a very collective society, so they like to stick together and work as a team.

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