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Lynette Scavo - Mother Tom Scavo - Father Sophie Scavo - Daughter Kayla Scavo - Half Sister Preston Scavo - Twin Brother Parker Scavo - Brother Penny Scavo - Sister Paige Scavo - Sister Patrick Scavo - Miscarried Brother Stella Wingfield - Grandmother Mr.Lindquist - Grandfather Glen Wingfield - Ex-Step-Grandfather Frank Kaminsky - Step-Grandfather Allison Scavo - Grandmother Rodney Scavo - Grandfather Lucy Lindquist - Aunt Lydia Lindquist - Aunt Dave - (Ex-)Uncle Theresa Scavo - Aunt Peter Scavo - Uncle Lynette struggles to take care of her four demanding children, Porter, Preston, Parker and Penny on her own while her husband, Tom, is away for business.And he hasn't been secretly in love with her..more than six or seven years.She doesn't make him bristle with jealousy when she goes out with other guys..he'll admit to.The couple tries to send across to the twins the message that there are some very dangerous people out there, and they act as if they understand it, particularly after Tom teaches them exactly what they should tell her mother about such dangers, but Lynette isn't too convinced, so she asks her receptionist Stuto fake a kidnapping attempt featuring the twins, and forces Tom to watch as it goes down.The twins accept to enter Stu's car once he offers them candy, thus proving Lynette's point, that the kids are reckless, and therefore so is their father.After being warned by Martha Huber, Lynette climbs into the pool in her dress and collects the boys.When Tom returns home from work for a short while, he's greeted by Porter and his brothers by being climbed on.

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Isabella has known Jace all her life, and she's been best friends with him since high school, when she used to date his best friend.While walking to the wake of Lynette's friend, Mary Alice Young, Lynette threatens to call Santa and put Porter and his brothers on his "naughty list" if they do not start behaving.At the wake, Porter and his brothers decide to go swimming in the pool.After seeing how stressed Lynette is and how unruly her children are, he decides to let her off without a ticket.Later on, when the boys continue to misbehave, Lynette leaves them on a random street and drives away.

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