Dating for deaf people Extreme cams chat

*Remember your date can’t read your lips in a darkened theater.

This is a good place to use texting — you can just hand your date your phone. I would guess that deaf women would need to work a lot harder at getting the ball rolling.

I’m lucky I found someone early in my life so I didn’t have to deal with the stressful dating game for long.

Deaf people — at least in my case — who live outside of the Deaf culture feel insecure when it comes to the dating game.

I hate to LABEL myself “I am deaf.” Then they say, “Oh, can you read my lips?

” or “Never mind” and they walk away from me it hurts and frustrates me.

Its hard to meet men who aren’t scared of deaf people; the ones I meet seem not willing to try to be patient or to know me better.

*Understand that American Sign is a different language, with different grammar, so don’t be offended if your date is sometimes hard to understand. ” It is very similar to the problem I had with non-English-speaking women who liked me–they couldn’t communicate with me right away and so nothing ever got started.When a guy approaches you and you say “I’m deaf,” that is a big surprise and that would cause a lot of guys to be thrown off their game; when that happens, guys often retreat to avoid embarrassing themselves or offending you.It is also difficult for a guy to start things because we don’t want everybody around us to think we’re trying to take advantage of “some poor defenseless deaf girl.” That is why some guys might seem to treat you like you “had leprosy”.We the deaf people who love hearing people and want to prove them that we can be like they are and enjoy dating.It seems very limited for us to date people in general.

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