Dating emigrant ie

I’m sitting on the stile, Mary, Where we sat side by side On that bright May morning long ago, When first you were my bride.

The corn was springing fresh and green, And the lark sang loud and high And the red was in your lips, Mary, And the love-light in your eyes.

Whene'er I think of your sad fate, to my eye there starts a tear. Dermot, grieve no more, for God has heard your prayer, For see my dearest husband that, your Mary she is here.

He fondly clasp'd her yielding form, and looked into her eyes, The love light still, was burning there, though he thought she'd past the skies; And have I got you back again, my faithful Mary dear, Oh! Now Dermot, and his Mary are, as happy as the day, In free America's fair land, they ever mean to stay; And cheerfully, he now does sing, in a voice both loud and clear, Oh! Parody on the Irish Emigrant: I'm sitting on a rail, Judy, Were oft across ye'd stride, When ye dug the praties long ago, Before they were destroyed; The boys were bowling on the green, And the girls danc'd long and high, And the red was on ye'r nose, Judy, And the black was on ye'r eye.Andrew Kearns was born in Ballymote, County Sligo in 1840.The trauma of the Great Famine marked his childhood.The stench of death and despair polluted the atmosphere.It is estimated that up to 60,000 people died in Sligo during the years of starvation.

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