Dating email template

We know how important it is that your email displays correctly in your customers inbox no matter what; browser/device/application they are using to read emails.Tested on all of the popular email clients to name a few; Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail/Live, Apple Mail, i Phone, i Pad & lots more. Build your new email template, and download it for free or upload it into a new or existing Campaign Monitor account.

We have included Mail Chimp and Campaign Monitor’s tags, and we have tested our template in all major email clients.

We also ensure that if the email client does has image turned off it will downgrade using background colors.

Each email that gets sent has its own template which you can be easily customize with basic HTML skills or add advanced logic with no limitations of being stored in a database.

You also may want to refer to the example of an effective welcome email (although not as good-looking as this template! There has been a lot of talk regarding what type of messages our customers might get the most use out of.

Here are some possibilities: Whether its regarding a PDF file, audio file or video, I could create a template for specific types of media to be downloaded.

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