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Human beings began building in what is now Minnesota thousands of years ago.

Many of them are indexes and actual copies of the obituaries must be ordered from the institution who holds the files. Housed at the Howard Library, the obituaries come from various newspapers. Includes almost 100,000 obits from the Emporia Gazette newspaper 1892-1989. Europeans reached Minnesota in the late 1600s, but they built only a few scattered fur trading posts and forts over the next century.One of the most notable was at Grand Portage, where in the 1780s the North West Company constructed a post that included a log great hall (reconstructed in the 1970s) based on French Colonial models.The buildings and structures that form Minnesota's varied built environment have played a powerful role in shaping the life of the state, serving as places of shelter, work, education, government, ritual, and entertainment.The story of architecture in Minnesota is inseparable from the story of its people—a narrative of growth and achievement interspersed with episodes of destruction and loss.

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    Mal'ta is a reference to the Mal'ta-Buret culture, which is of the Upper Paleolithic/Late Stone Age (22,000-15,000 BC) in the area west of Lake Baikal in the Southern Siberia.

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    However, it is still lower than many of the other countries of Asia.