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Countries that are ruled by Capricorn include India Bulgaria, Mexico, Great Britain, the United Kingdom, Albania, Afghanistan, Lithuania, Bosnia, Brunei, Czech Republic, Haiti, Nauru, Slovakia and Sudan.Cities that are ruled by Capricorn include Brandenburg, Brussel, Delhi, Mexico City, Port Said, Oxford and Ghent Countries that are ruled by Aquarius include Iran, Finland, Russia, Sweden, Syria, Ethiopia, The Holy Vatican City and Sri Lanka.Cities that are ruled by Cancer include Manchester, New York, Stockholm, Tokyo, Venice, York, Amsterdam, Milan and Algeria Countries that are ruled by Leo include Afghanistan France Italy Macedonia Romania Sicily Zanzibar Bhutan Bolivia Central African Republic Chad The Ivory Coast Gabon Indonesia North Korea South Korea Kyrgyzstan Malaysia Maldives Nicaragua Pakistan Mongolia Seychelles Singapore Ukraine and Madagascar.Cities that are ruled by Leo include Bristol, Bombay, Chicago, Madrid, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Rome and Bath Countries that are ruled by Virgo include Crete, Brazil, Greece, Switzerland, Turkey, Uruguay, West Indies, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Brazil, Costa Rica, El Salvador Estonia Guatemala, Honduras, Mali, Mexico, Moldova Qatar and Tajikistan.Wise, sociable, sincere, loyal, honest, kind, responsible, generous, cute, romantic, tender, sexual, well-groomed, to dress with taste, walked together in the evenings... fell Asleep and woke up together in the gentle embrace of life.YOU ARE READING Humor Fun, Clever and silly zodiac posts FYI I don't right them I find them so don't hate if they aren't true Credits go to that are ruled by Aries include Palestine, England, Germany, Poland, Syria, Israel, Lithuania, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe.

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My clothing style - modern-classic, evening, jeans.... The person must be a believer that God was in his life first!

They are demanding, cultured, and love those who can make them smile.

They become good Russian wives as they place a great deal of stock by tidiness and cleanliness.

Cities that are ruled by Pisces include Warsaw, Alexandria, Grimsby, Jerusalem, Bournemouth, Seville and Cowes.

Shef Tiraspol, Unitatea Teritoriala din Stinga Nistrului, Moldova Man.

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