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This is a tricky red flag, because they tell you right off they don't want anything serious, yet they dangle the possibility of a relationship based on how things go. When someone tells you they aren't serious, they mean it. Your date suggests takeout and watching a movie at your place, the old "Netflix and chill" routine. But this is actually the code for "booty call." They come over to your place, but they never take you out on a proper dinner date. Chances are they can't risk being seen in public with another woman because they're in a relationship or married.

In your mind, you know things could go great because you're a great catch. Avoid dates at home until you've had several dates in public to see how serious someone is about pursuing you.

Alex* in college was a total narcissist who wound up blaming me for our breakup, even though he was withholding and cold.

He taught me that it’s important leave a relationship that’s tanking, especially if the partner in question is emotionally manipulative.

The scary thing is that if you don't realize it, you might feel like a fool when it's all said and done.

” I took a gulp of wine and gave what I saw as the honest answer — a little over three years. The amount of time I spent with these guys, when you add all the relationships together, only equals about two and a half years out of the decade I’ve been dating.When you call and ask them to do something, they agree to meet you.But on the other hand, they never initiate anything. Maybe, but the more likely motivation (or lack of it) is that they're just passing time with you.If they don't ask you out, regardless of the reason, drop them fast. Some people seem too cute, charming, or fun to reject them and resist their advances.But you're better off not wasting time with people who make a fool of you. There are plenty of good people out there for you to date.

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