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These are usually announced and presented at the Annual Conference in November or December.To see a summary of the awards and to make a nomination see below.For this award, the rules require both a nominator and a seconder and supportive references, or an application by a candidate supported by detailed curriculum vitae and 2 referees' reports.Rules and guidelines for the Kingma Award can be accessed here, and the nomination template here.Rules and policies here S H Wilson Prize This prize is awarded in recognition of a lifetime of service in New Zealand geochemistry, and is awarded no more frequently than once every four years. Best Papers - Winner: Thomas Whittaker, University of Waikato "Speleothems and the climate record".This award was incorporated into the Geoscience Society of NZ (GSNZ) with the merger with the NZ Geochemical and Mineralogical Society in 2012. Merit: Aidan Allan, VUW "Silicic tephras from ODP 1123" and Anya Mueller, U Canterbury "Round Top rock avalanche".Wellman Research Award This award commemorates the huge contribution to New Zealand geology made by the late Harold Wellman.A sum of ,500 is available for a geological or geophysical research project.

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It is named the Alan Mason Historical Studies Fund to mark the contribution that Alan Mason has made to the history of New Zealand Geoscience. Best posters - Winner: Charlotte King, University of Otago, Runner-up: Sam Hampton, University of Canterbury.

Awards are presented at the GSNZ Annual Conference. If anyone has any corrections, please contact the site webmaster.

Except for the Hochstetter Lecture, the year given is the year of the Annual Conference at which the awards were announced.

This award was incorporated into the GSNZ with the merger of the Geoscience Society of NZ with the NZ Geochemical and Mineralogical Society in 2012. Best Paper - Marcus Richards (Otago), runners-up Tom Robertson (Waikato) & Ermanno Brosch (Massey). Merit Poster: Tariq Rahiman (Canterbury), Tracey Bear (Waikato) Best Oral: Matt Boyd (Auckland).

As part of the merger, funds were contributed by NZGe MS to the GSNZ Awards Trust to form a separate account (the NZGe MS Geochemistry Fund) from which the prize money for the Werner F Giggenbach Prize and other geochemistry prizes could be drawn. Best Poster - Stephanie Gates (Canterbury), runners-up Sneha Suresh (Auckland) & Brooke Waterson (Auckland). Best Paper - Joint winners: Chris Tulley (Otago), Adam Thomas (Victoria) and Rebecca Parker (Otago)Best Poster - Winner: Christine Mc Lachlan (Otago). Merit Oral: Erin Newton (Otago), Jennifer Eccles (Auckland) Best Poster: Austin Hendy & Adam Vonk (Waikato).

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