Cisco ios updating dns

hostname=Home' Jan 5 .633 CEST: HTTPDNSUPD: Sending request Jan 5 .237 CEST: HTTPDNSUPD: Response for update Jan 5 .237 CEST: HTTPDNSUPD: DATA START good Jan 5 .237 CEST: HTTPDNSUPD: DATA END, Status is Response data recieved, successfully Jan 5 .237 CEST: HTTPDNSUPD: Call returned SUCCESS for update Jan 5 .026 CEST: HTTPDNSUPD: Session ID = 0x3F Jan 5 .633 CEST: HTTPDNSUPD: URL = 'https://[email protected]:[email protected]/nic/update?hostname=Home' Jan 5 .026 CEST: HTTPDNSUPD: Sending request Jan 5 .406 CEST: HTTPDNSUPD: Call returned Request Aborted for update The error “HTTPDNSUPD: Call returned Request Aborted” usually means that the certificate cannot be authenticated by the router.” in the line, you must press Ctrl-V to allow for the question mark.If you don’t, you will be prompted with IOS context-sensitive help information.You would then have to update your DNS record and that change could take a couple of days to propagate to all Internet DNS servers.The result is some serious downtime for your server.Thus, you have limited selection on which service to use, and no troubleshooting tools if it doesn’t work. The first router has DDNS, the second does not: In other words, if you have DDNS, you will receive the option to update your DDNS.In the Cisco IOS, you must first have the proper IOS to use DDNS. However, the easiest way to see if you have DDNS available on your router is to go to global configuration and type ip ddns ? How to configure DDNS varies based on the DDNS service you choose.

End with a blank line or the word "quit" on a line by itself -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- MIIDVDCCAjyg Aw IBAg IDAj RWMA0GCSq GSIb3DQEBBQUAMEIx Cz AJBg NVBAYTAl VT MRYw FAYDVQQKEw1HZW9Ucn Vzd CBJbm Mu MRsw GQYDVQQDEx JHZW9Ucn Vzd CBHb G9i YWwg Q0Ew Hhc NMDIw NTIx MDQw MDAw Whc NMj Iw NTIx MDQw MDAw Wj BCMQsw CQYDVQQG Ew JVUz EWMBQGA1UECh MNR2Vv VHJ1c3Qg SW5j Lj Eb MBk GA1UEAx MSR2Vv VHJ1c3Qg R2xv Ym Fs IENBMIIBIj ANBgkqhki G9w0BAQEFAAOCAQ8AMIIBCg KCAQEA2sw YYz D9 9Bcj Gl Z W988b Djkcbd4kd S8odh M Kh Dtg Pp TSEHCIja WC9m OSm9BXi Ln Tjo Bbdq fn Gk5s Rgpr Dvg OSJKA e Jdbtg/Otpp HHm Ml CGDUUna2YRp Iu T8rxh0PBFp VXLVDv i S2Aelet8u5fa9IAjbk U BQVNdn ARq N7csi Rv8l VK83Qlz6c Jm TM386DGXHKTub U 1Xup Gc1V3sjs0l44U Vc T4wt/l Aj Nvxm5su Op Dk ZALe VAjm RCw7 OC7RHQWa9k0 bw8HHa8s Ho9g Oe L6Nl MTOd Re Jivb Pag Uv TLr GAMo Ug Rx5asz Pe E4uwc2h GKceeo W MPRfw Cvoc Wvk QIDAQABo1Mw UTAPBg NVHRMBAf8EBTADAQH/MB0GA1Ud Dg QWBBTA ephoj Yn7qw Vk DBF9qn1lu Mr MTj Af Bg NVHSMEGDAWg BTAephoj Yn7qw Vk DBF9qn1l u Mr MTj ANBgkqhki G9w0BAQUFAAOCAQEANe Mpau Uv XVSOKVCUn5ka FOSPe Cpil KIn Z57Qzxpe R n Bsq TP3UEa BU6b S 5Kb1VSsy Sh Nwrr ZHYq Lizz/Tt1k L/6cdj HPTf S t QWVYrmm3ok9Nns4d0i Xr KYgjy6my Qz Cspl FAMf OEVEi Iu Cl6r YVSAlk6l5Pd Pc F Pse KUgzb Fb S9b Zvlxr FUa Knja ZC2mq UPu Lk/IH2u Sr W4n OQdtqvml KXBx4Ot2/Un hw4Eb NX/3a Bd7Yd Stys VAq45pmp06dr E57x NNB6p XE0z X5IJL4hm XXe Xxx12E6n V 5f EWCRE11azb JHFw LJh WC9k Xt NHj UStedej V0Nx PNO3CBWa Aocvm Mw== -----END CERTIFICATE----- Certificate has the following attributes: Fingerprint MD5: F775AB29 FB514EB7 775EFF05 3C998EF5 Fingerprint SHA1: DE28F4A4 FFE5B92F A3C503D1 A349A7F9 962A8212 % Do you accept this certificate? % Certificate successfully imported crypto pki trustpoint EQUIFAX enrollment terminal pem revocation-check none crypto pki authenticate EQUIFAX Enter the base 64 encoded CA certificate.This URL includes our username, password, DDNS hostname, and our dynamically added IP address.Here is the URL we entered: Please note that prior to typing the “?For example, you might register your website as point it to IP address .20.Later, your IP address could change to .30 and all the users trying to get to your website suddenly cannot connect.

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