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One you've had access to the 10 secrets for success and inner peace, why on earth would you need the power of intention to manifest what you want?You now have success and inner peace if you used his last book, why is there always more wisdom to be sold for 30 dollars?Skip to content Critical Perspective on Wayne Dyer Murdoch2555 Let us consider that Mr.Dyer is a very spiritual and enlightened individual.It is not always this expensive ofcourse, but as anyone here who has been to a Dyer event knows, it is very expensive to listen to him speak. Wayne is amazingly rich..does he still feel the need to charge this money for his appearances?Many might suggest that his PBS work is very altruistic, but infact, he is paid enourmously for those shows, and it is a wonderful advertisement for his books and all materials contained in his Enchillada packages.Yet it appears to me that Wayne sells himself as the worlds foremost thinker on "Self Development".When one listens to Wayne speak, one is astounded by his use of quotation.

His attitude towards the poor is to me disturbing, in the notion that poor people are slaves to their "intention" and that anyone can escape their socio-economic positions with what basically is wishful thinking.To me, it's perfectly okay to be egocentric, it's just difficult to acccept this in somene who claims to have nearly transcended all of his ego ways.Remember that Wayne also contradicts himself constantly.One involves a young student who is very poor developing a special relationship with a teacher that helps him progress.Another involves a retarded child whose baseball fantasy is manifested through the care of other players.

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