China on one sex chat

Late last year, domestic media outlets began ramping up their coverage of illicit apps, leading to several being shut down.

In December, Legal Daily reported on a livestreaming platform found to be broadcasting sexual content.

The business model of this new breed of apps doesn’t require chat hosts to have a pretty face, a voluptuous figure, or even a dynamic on-screen presence: As long as they’re adept at conversation, they can earn a steady income.Travel to the largest continent in the world with our amazing free live Asian cams on Nude Live.Here you will find girls from across Asia performing live sex shows on cam including Japanese girls, Chinese girls, Thai girls, Filipino girls, Malaysian girls, Indian girls, Arab girls, and much more.In February 2015, the Cyberspace Administration of China prohibited online platforms from “disseminating obscenity and pornography” — yet many have managed to stay one step ahead of the law by presenting themselves as innocuous “social apps” without overt references to sexual content.One high-profile exception was in September 2016, when a Beijing court sentenced the CEO of QVOD — whose livestreaming app Kuaibo had cultivated a reputation for unsavory content — to three and a half years in prison.

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