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Scott Pruitt was defiant in the face of questioning from Democratic senators who attacked his record on environmental protection, skepticism about the impact of global warming and financial ties to some of the nation’s biggest oil and gas companies.But the hearing then turned on the question of his future boss in the White House.But he did not detail how he would fulfill that pledge, including how he would replace the Affordable Care Act or preserve coverage for the more than 100 million Americans who rely on Medicare and Medicaid. President Obama will give his final news conference in office Wednesday as questions loom about his last-minute decision to reduce the sentence of Chelsea Manning, the Army private convicted of leaking classified information.Like the man who picked him to be the next Commerce secretary, Wilbur L.JB: It was 2003, I went to Canada and lived there for ten months and it was quiet, but I wasn’t very challenged and it was not very exciting compared with China. The PIE: So what did you end up with when you combined the two? JB: It’s about teachers standing in front of students and the teacher is the only one talking.So I went back to Shanghai and thought, “Everyone is learning English, Why aren’t they learning Chinese? Western is more interactive when you learn English, so we combined both because the Chinese language is different from English language.

While some of President-elect Donald Trump’s Cabinet picks are relative newcomers to government whose pasts offer murky pictures of how they might run an agency, there is little question where Oklahoma Atty. Scott Pruitt would take the Environmental Protection Agency.

Haley, the daughter of immigrants from northern India, is a popular Republican governor and is seen as a rising star in the GOP.

She is the first female governor of South Carolina, and at 44 is the nation’s youngest governor.

Pruitt, whose Senate confirmation hearing begins this morning, has been unabashed in his disdain for the agency he is seeking to run.

He has worked with big corporate polluters to challenge the agency in court more than a dozen times, charging that federal rules aimed at protecting the environment are an abusive overreach.

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