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In fact, I was pretty sure that me and dad were the only guys she had ever seen naked.

Along with the nudity, our family had always been into mutual bathing.

My family was brought up with the ideal that nudity was different than sex.

Me, my sister, and my parents could all be naked around each other and it wasn't sexual, it was just the way we were.

But when Kate finally filled out and grew real breasts, she seemed to strut around the house like she wanted to show off to everyone.

That had the usual effect on me, and I found myself having straining erections everytime she bent over or leaned close to me.

I had to fight the urge to reach out and grab them, and it was hard when she was constantly naked around me.

I often wondered if seeing my hard dick aroused her, since I knew she was still a virgin and wasn't dating anyone.

I just froze, and felt like I wasn't even really there. She stopped laughing and saw me staring at her body. I instinctively began stroking myself, and Kat seemed very pleased.Especially now that my sister had developed into quite a specimen.Kathy, or "Kat" as we called her, seemed to turn eighteen overnight.We never really closed our doors, since there was nothing to hide, except for the occasional masturbatory session, which I would conduct in the bathroom.But we would never do anything sexual around each other.

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