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Beluni de o tarpe (tem opre), the Queen of Heaven, the Virgin. It is the Plani and Beluni of the Spanish Gypsies, by whom sometimes Beluni is made to signify queen; e.g.

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The proper meaning of this word is anything swollen, anything big or bulky.

Alone, undone: meklis or mukalis bicunyie, let it alone.

Blower is used by Lord Byron, in his ' Don Juan.' Speaking of the highwayman whom the Don shoots in the vicinity of London, he says that he used to go to such-and-such places of public resort with--his blowen.

Left, sinister, wrong, false: bango wast, the left hand; to saulohaul bango, like a plastra-mengro, to swear bodily like a Bow-street runner.

It is worthy of remark that the English word pig, besides denoting the same animal as baulo, is of the same original import, being clearly derived from the same root as big, that which is bulky, and the Turkish buyuk, great, huge, vast.

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