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To manually trigger row validation, call the Column View.

In our recent article, we compared the advantages and disadvantages of different antibody validation techniques to help you choose the right method for your experiment.

Column Edit property and create a new editor (or choose an existing one).

This property can be accessed from the column smart tag.

Demos: Data Validation | Validate the active editor's value With the row validation feature, the Data Grid delays checking cell values to the point when a user moves focus to another row.

This can be useful when each particular cell is valid, but the entire row with these values is incorrect.

The Data Validation demo utilizes a different cell validation approach and employs the Grid View.

Row Cell Style event to highlight cells with values that are wrong initially, not after an end-user has modified them.

Columns automatically choose editors depending on the column data type.For regular Views you can select one of three available Edit Form display modes: A cell is validated when a user has finished editing a value and presses Enter or moves focus to another cell within the same row. You can also forcibly trigger validation by calling the Base View. The diagram below illustrates this validation process. Instead of in-place data editing, end-users can modify grid records by using an Edit Form. To invoke this form, double-click a grid row at runtime or press the Enter or F2 key.

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