Carbon 14 dating of the shroud of turin

By itself, this feature of the Shroud supports neither a medieval nor an ancient date of origin but rather reinforces the impression that, whenever or however the image was produced, the circumstances were remarkable. For example, the detailed image of the man rests only on the top two microfibers of the cloth, not penetrating the linen, as would paint or dye, and could be scraped away with a razor blade.

The blood (type AB) seen on the cloth does fully penetrate the linen fibers, but tests show that it’s separate from, and underneath the image.

He elaborates: Roman authorities wanted criminals to suffer on the cross and ultimately die of asphyxiation.

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Many in the secular media dismiss the Shroud as a “medieval forgery” or a clever hoax.Before that, according to various written sources, the Shroud traveled around the Middle East and Europe.It had once been in the possession of the Knights Templar, according to a researcher at the Vatican Secret Archives.Unfortunately, the accounts have been largely unsubstantiated, vague, and inconsistent.If one of the accounts were to be accepted as accurate, would it even have much significance?

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