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But it is more challenging once you are in a relationship."Here are five things to think about when thinking about a cross-cultural romance.- How do you show interest?

How direct you should be when flirting differs between cultures.

To this, my dad scoffed and told her something along the lines of it being unnecessary.

Yet whenever we’d go out shopping, it would be my dad holding my mom’s bags and purchases (as he simultaneously complained about how long the shopping trip was taking and how tired he was). I love you Similar to the more subdued PDA, saying “I love you” is less common in Chinese culture.

In high context cultures (think Thailand or China) people are indirect and only suggest what they mean.

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This is increasingly likely given that 25 per cent of Calgarians were born outside of Canada and presumably come from a different culture.This is a function of the relative importance a culture places on romance and relationships as opposed to rules and achievement.- How to spend our money?Marianne told me a story of her Canadian friend who married an Egyptian man.21 this year).- People in Brazil exchange gifts, flowers and chocolates on the Day of the Enamoured, which occurs on June 12.- People in Israel have rejuvenated an ancient holiday and pronounce love, propose marriage and give flowers on Tu B'Av, which occurs in July or August depending on the year. You’ve probably been in this situation before, if not having witnessed it hundreds of times on television and perhaps your best friends’ faces.

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