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He has brought to fashion photography an extraordinary fresh eye and has been able to translate the life of the modern woman as no other photographer has been able to do before.Howard Schatz is an award-winning photographer who has received international acclaim for his portrait photography and work in various genres including studies of dancers, athletes, and human body.The exhibition block of the festival includes projects, covering the evolution of Soviet avant-garde photobooks (The USSR is building socialism. His photographs have appeared on the covers and pages of top fashion magazines such as Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Elle, Donna, Mondo Uomo Glamour, Femme, Amica, Sette, and have been featured in museums and private collections all over the world.Masterpieces of the Soviet photobooks of the 1930s), The New Spread project, which gives an overview of the recent tendencies in photobook making, presenting authors from CIS countries (curator A. Gastel was born in Milan in 1955 and is descendant in a lineage of an ancient Italian family, the Viscontis.The Grand Hall of The Lumiere Center will host on-set photography from major Hollywood movies during the 1960s-2010s and an iconic photoshoot of Marilyn Monroe in 1961.A series featuring 3 weeks of Coco Chanels life and work will become a special part of the project and will be exhibited in the White Hall of The Lumiere Center.January 17 April 15, 2018 The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography is presenting the first exhibition in Russia by Douglas Kirkland, a multi-award winning American photographer, lecturer and author of several books.The exhibition Behind the Scenesspans over 60 years of Douglas Kirklands photography career and focuses on its highlights.

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Detailed information about the festival can be found on Giovanni started to look for work as an actor, playing in performances and then looked to literature and poetry.The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography presents an exhibition of a famous Soviet photographer Valentin Khukhlaev IN MOTION.The exhibition is based on the family archive, collection of The Lumiere Center and marks the centenary of the photographers birth.31 January 15 April, 2018 The exposition consists of works from the project LDPE (low density polyethylene), over which Faulhaber worked for several years starting in 2003.The name itself already manifests the artificiality of the captured spaces.

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