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Much like Eliot and that GTO, it was the son this time around who showed Dad what exactly those Nissan S-platform cars are all about.

"[They're] an awesome platform," Jarett says, "because there are so many different things you can do to these cars." Things like the SR20DET swaps he and his dad both made happen to the pair of early '90s hatchbacks and the Japanese-sourced body bits that couldn't be any more different than something that came off of a Pontiac.

"I've owned several SR20DET motors," Jarett says about the depth of experience he's got with Nissan's four-cylinder turbo engine.

For Jarett, more than 400 hp comes by way of Garrett's GT28 turbo and a pair of Jim Wolf cams while dad's S13 gets the same upgrades only by way of Tomei.

Cues that had more to do with things like small-displacement Japanese turbo engines and less to do with things like big blocks and two-speed transmissions.

"It was summertime with the windows down, flooring it, getting on the highway and haulin' ass with him sitting by my side in his car seat, all smiles," Eliot says about how that GTO helped show Jarett the way and that, despite the S13 Eliot's spent the last year building up, he's still got.

"I started off helping him detail customers' vehicles," he says, "which led to helping prep cars for paint." It was the start of a learning curve that made way for things like cam swaps and SR engine overhauls.

Just because the two know their way around a couple of S13s and some SR20s, though, don't think it all went so easy.

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