Boy slaps man for dating his mom

At the time, officers said that she smelled of alcohol and could smell marijuana inside the home.According to News OK Officers then asked if they could search the home after seeing blood on the living room floor.

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Morgan went to a mental health institute after threatening to commit suicide, but she was released one day before she decided to shoot herself and her two children.

After initially saying that a 'masked person came in and stabbed my daddy and then left,' he was told by his grandmother in no uncertain terms to 'not tell any stories.'The boy then said that his mother, Mc Murtrey, had stabbed his dad, Vaughn, and then hidden the 'reindeer knife' above the toilet.

Investigators returned to the home and found the knife exactly where the boy had said it would be.

Police from Del City, Oklahoma found Neil Vaughn, 40, in his driveway suffering from a stab wound on Saturday night.

Vaugn's wife, 34-year-old Amber Mc Murtrey, would not tell officers what happened - only that her husband had been stabbed outside and not in the house.

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