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#LHeure Espagnole #Gianni Schicci Gvx4 #Heure Espagnole #Gianni Schicchi #ONPaftershow Soirée -40 ans ce soir à l' Opéra Bastille suivi d'un #Kitsune Aftershow avec @kitsune.

Les prochaines soirées : WMO LHSw E26O Nouvelle exposition "Picasso et la danse" !

Maison Rouard Grailhe, Henri (FR) Grand Chêne, Le (FR) Grande, Giovanni & Inès (IT) Arabia Halpern, Lea (NL) 1899-1985 Hamada, Shoji (Japan) 1894-1978 Hameln, Kunsttöpferei (DE) Handschin, (CH, Basel) Hansen, Rolf (NO) Harning, Mette (DK) ("MH") Harrison, Nic (GB) 1949 Haussmann, Fritz (CH, Uster) Hedberg, Hans (SE) 1917 Hedegaard, Johannes (DK) 1915-1999 50's) Hillfon, Hertha (SE) Hinrichsen, Eigil (DK) ("EH") Hirlet, Michel and Andrée (FR) Hjorth, Lauritz 1834-1912 and Erik Hjorth 1906-1982 (DK, Bornholm) Hostede-Crull, Wolthera Hendrika (NL) 1900-1966 Hobbel, Paulus Jacob (NL) 1879-1966 Hobbel, Maria (NL) 1881-1959 Höganäs (SE) Hohlt, Görge (DE) Holdcroft, Joseph (GB) Holland, William Fishley (GB) Holm, Ake (SE) Holman, Derk (NL) 1916-1982 Holmes, David (GB) Shapinsay, Orkney Holzer Kjellberg, Friedl (Fin) Arabia Hoy, Agnete (DK/GB) 1914 Hoyland, Irwin (GB) Hubers, Dirk (NL) 1913- Hurn, Tim (GB) 1964 I ICS, Industria Ceramica Salernitana (IT) Innocenti, Jacques (FR) (1926-1958) Vallauris Imbert-Amoudruz, Hélène & Charles (CH) Menelika Imobersteg, Isabelle (CH) Ipsen Enke, P Terrakottafabrik (DK) 1843-1955 Ivanoff, Vassil (FR) (1897-1973) Vallauris Ivora (NL) factory 1914-1965 J Jacques, René (FR) Jacquet, Paul (FR, Savoie) Jasba (DE) Johgus (DK) Bornholm Jeanneney, Paul (FR) Jobs, Lisbet & Gocken (SE) 1919-19-1995 Johansen, Einar (EJO) (DK) Alumina & Royal Copenhagen ("MJ") Jolain, Mado (FR) (1921-) Jong, Ilse de (NL) 1936-1996 Joulia, Elisabeth (FR) (1925-) Jourdain, Francis (FR) (1876-1958) Jouve, Georges (FR) (1910-1964) Jeppesen, Anni (SE) Juist (DE) Karlsruhe Lambercy, Philippe (CH) 1919 Lancern, Claudio, Ancona (IT) Lanel, Luc & Marjolaine (FR) Langelot, Ib (DE) 1924 Lanooy, Chris (NL, Gouda) Lachenal, Edmond (FR) 1855-1930 Lachenal, Raoul (FR) 1885-1956 usine Boulogne-sur-Seine Lallemant, Robert (FR) 1902-1954 Paris Langmans, Willy (BE) cont.

1957- Langlade, Jean (FR) 1879-1928 Larson, Lisa (SE) Helen König 1890-1974 & Enrico Scavini Lenoble, Emile (FR) (1875-1940) Lerat, Jean (FR) 1913-1993) Lerat, Jacqueline (FR) (1923-) Lerma, Sophie de (NL) 1891-1961 Leßmann, Johannes (DE) Leuchovius, Sylvia (SE) Palshus Lion, Eugène (FR) 1867-1945 Longwy, manufacture de (FR) Lowerdown Pottery (GB) 1955 Lourioux, Louis (FR) Foëcy Lucas, St. ) 1876-1930 Pearson, Colin (GB) 1923 Pelzer, Heinz (DE) 1924 Percy, Arthur-Carlsson (SE) 1886-1976 Pernet, Sylvia (CH) Pérot, Robert (FR) (1931-) Atelier Madoura Picault, Robert (FR, Vallauris) (1919-2000) Pierrefonds, manufacture (FR) Pleydell-Bouverie, Katherine (GB) pupil Bernard Leach Plöen, Erik (NO) Pointu, Jean (FR) Pointu, Léon (FR) 1879-1942 St.

à Sèvres Sèvres, porcelain factory (FR) Sharp, David (GB) 1932 Simmen, Henri (FR) (1880-1963) Simmulson, Mari (SE) 1911-2000 Robert & Doreen Birkett Troika Studio (GB) Toikka, Oiva (FI) 1931- Tosin, Gianni (IT) Trey, Marianne de (GB) 1913 Triller, Ingrid (SE) 1905-1982 Tuominen, Kati (FI) 1947 Tutundjian, Levon (Armenie) 1905-1968 U Ü-Keramik, Uebelacker (DE) Uhlemeyer, Richard (DE) 1900-1954 Uosikkinen, Raija (FI) 1923- Lenci Valcera Pottery (CH) Valentin, Gilbert (FR) (1928-2001) les Archanges Vallien, Bertil (SE) 1938- Van Lith, Jean-Paul (FR) (1940-) Vasegaard, Gertrud (DK) 1913- Vayssier, Claude (FR) 1935 Vallauris Vehring, Fritz und Vera 1944 (DE) arb.

Syke/Henstedt Velde, Henri van de (DE) Buchs-Wagnières Wahliss, Ernst (AT) Wallander, Alf (SE) 1862-1914 Wallwork, Alan (GB) 1931 Walther, Conny (DK) ("CW") Walton, Sarah (GB) 1945 Weber, Hans-Georg (DE) Weggerby, Birte (DK) Weigel, Gerald und Gotlind (DE) Weinreis, Käte (DE) Weiss, Ivan (DK) Arabia Wirkkala, Tapio (FI) 1915-1985 X, Y Yvelines, les (FR) Z Zaalberg, Meindert (NL) Zahner, Arnold (CH) 1919-2005 Rheinfelden Pottery Zauli, Carlo (IT) 1928-2002 Faenza Zannoni, Umberto (IT, Faenza) Zeller, Florent (CH) Juriens VD Zenith pottery (NL) On this page I will try to give you some information on dating Dutch Art Nouveau and Art Deco Pottery.

A natural performer, Berry earned a handful of beauty pageant titles during the early 1980s, including Miss Teen Ohio and Miss Teen America. However, Berry abandoned her idea of a career in news reporting before receiving her degree.

She was eventually awarded first runner-up in the 1985 Miss U. Choosing to wholeheartedly devote her time to a career in entertainment, Berry first moved to Chicago and then to New York City, where she found work as a catalog model. Berry, who played opposite Jessica Lange and David Strathairn, was noted for her believable portrayal of a mother struggling with addiction and loss.

Rorstrand (SE) factory Rotz-Kammer, Maja von (CH) Rosen, Anton (DK) 1859-1928 Rosenthal, Selb (DE) Rouault, Georges (FR) (1871-1958) Roulot, Pierre (FR) 1917 Royal Copenhagen porcelain factory (DK) Royal Doulton Factory (GB) Rozenburg, Haagse Plateelbakkerij (NL) Rozendaal, Willem Jacob (NL) de Sphinx, Maastricht Rufinelli Assisi (IT) Ruhlmann, Emile-Jacques (FR) (1879-1933) Rumèbe, Fernand (FR) 1875-1952 Ruscha (DE) S Saint-Clément, manufacture de (FR) Saint-Jean du Désert (FR) Sadolin, Ebbe (DK) 1921- Krebs, Nathalie Scavini, Elena (?These are some of the reasons that most pieces are marked less careful or not marked at all.Rozenburg den Haag - painted next to the stork Anchor 18 Ant 19 Star 1903 Flag 1904 Lily 1905 Hourglass 1907 Rising sun 1908 Torch 1909 Flower 1913 Moon 1914 The Porceleyne Fles - dating system, painted near the backstamp.Halle and her older sister, Heidi, spent the first few years of their childhood living in an inner-city neighborhood.In the early 1970s, Jerome Berry abandoned his wife and children, after which Judith moved her family to the predominantly white Cleveland suburb of Bedford.

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