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In 1908, Canada had classified Armenians as Asiatics, who along with Africans and Asians were considered undesirable.

Other than isolated cases this halted most Armenian immigration to Canada for the next half century. Ironically, while the majority of Armenians were shut out of Canada, the Genocide was extensively covered in the Canadian press.

After the Second World War, Canada radically changed its immigration policy, which previously gave priority to “white” immigrants.

s first oriental carpet store in the late nineteenth century. He later returned to Anatolia and died in the Genocide.s and lived in the small fishing village of Port Hope, it was not until decades later that any substantial Armenian immigration to Canada began.In fact, few Armenians traveled to Canada during the nineteenth century and even fewer remained. Official records show that between 18, 1,577 Armenians entered the United States through the Canadian land border.The Setlakwé family, whose descendents include the famous photographers Yousuf and Malak Karsh, were among those first arrivals.Subsequent Armenians arriving in Quebec would settle in Montreal.

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