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October 26-December 10 Fack's, with Cal Tjader's Quartet (as house band).December 2-20 The Blackhawk, as intermission pianist, performing in between headliner Art Tatum's sets.Unspecified Eric "Big Daddy" Nord opens a club in the basement of the Sentinel Building, at the corner of Kearny and Columbus, in San Francisco's North Beach area.For reasons that are debated to this day, the club is given the name the hungry i. [At this time, Tjader is most often a member of Dave Brubeck's Trio, alongside bassist Ron Crotty; sometimes Tjader also performs with Brubeck's Octet.] Unspecified Eric Nord sells the hungry i to Enrico Banducci. Cable Car Village, in San Francisco, as part of the Chuck Travis Quartet, with Travis, tenor sax, Charlie Price and Pat Krilitich.

The neon sign ordered to hang above the entrance arrives flawed, but Rushin elects to use it anyway; Fack's eventually will become one of the city's jazz hot spots.Unspecified Guaraldi has his first professional gig, briefly touring with saxman Kermit Scott, who formerly worked with Thelonious Monk.Guido Caccienti and Johnny Noga purchase a building at 200 Hyde Street, which once housed San Francisco's Stork Club.Unspecified Seven-year-old Vince's mother, Carmella, begins giving her son piano lessons.September Vince, as a Boy Scout, receives merit badges for safety, personal health and firemanship.

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