American dating rules third date

You may pay for dinner and drinks one day, but next time she’ll gladly come over and whip up a great meal for you, or even clean your house wearing nothing but high heels.

One night at a salsa club in Medellin, Colombia, after I bought a bottle of rum, my date quickly fixed me up a drink without me saying a word.

Can you imagine a beautiful American woman responding the same way?

She sure wasn’t bitchy and defensive like a typical American woman in similar situation.

In the rest of the world being a confident man is more than enough to win attraction from most women.You just have to approach, and the rest naturally falls into pieces.On one of my most memorable nights in one of Rio de Janeiro’s best nightclubs, I remember approaching a beautiful woman without any games, lines, or gimmicks.I simply smiled and said that I couldn’t believe a beautiful woman like herself was sitting all alone (she was truly stunning).She smiled, and feeling flattered responded whether I start a conversation with every woman like that.

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