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If you don’t leave right then it will come to you.· Aquilla - trains on the invisible railroads - There used to be a railroad track here.A long time ago the city burnt down twice because of the trains throwing sparks, so they decided to just take up all the rails.Also if you do not leave him a seat on opening night to each play in the auditorium it has been known for plays to go bad very quickly so the theatre crews always leave him a front row seat empty.(Webmistress note, I attended AHS and have never heard of such a thing..Well every now and then around midnight you can here the train.Residents say it’s so loud that it will wake you up from a dead sleep!

New shingles, new windows, all the graphite on the outside is gone, but 3 weeks later, all work on the house stopped.

At the end of the trail is a large mound of dirt and two fence posts that were once a gate.

As it is said this was the trail walked by captured spies of the union army on their way to be hung.

You can see the light on the front and hear it blow its whistle!

But it never stops it just goes right through town.· Arkansas Road-House - A big house on a hill where a boy murdered his family in the 90's.

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