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To: the children of my brother Adam Mc Kee, ” I will 0 this being the sum of his I lost during the Revolution.” Executors: “My nephews”, Robert and Thomas Witherspoon and John Shaw, brother [sic.] Witnesses: John Mc Clary, Hugh Wilson, Robert T. One of the histories of Williamsburg County shows Elizabeth Mc Clary and John White to be grandchildren of Joseph Mc Kee. In any event somebody taught Adam to write and his penmanship was so precise that we know he had a good teacher . And hath such shape and marked trees as appears by the above delineated plat. His son, Adam Mc KEE was in 0ld 96 District by 1777 when he was recorded as being on jury duty. (married Eleanor Breckenridge), Jean (married a Lindsay), Eliezer, John (married Margaret Cunningham), Mary, and William Seth (married Mary Freeman Mc Kay). Indians came down the trail to purchase hatchets, guns and trinkets from merchants in Charles Town.Joseph Mc Kee died 31 March 1810, age 77 Ann Mc Kee, his 2nd widow, died 29 Dec. The SC Land Plats show Adam Mc Kie, Sr., took land in 96 District in 1774. The will of Adam Mc Kee [sic.], Abbeville District, was signed 13 July 1805; probated 5 Jan. It may well be that the teacher was Archibald’s second wife who would have been Adam & Joseph’s stepmother during years when penmanship skills were being sharpened === I am disrecarding LDS and other sites/postings showing an Archibald Mc Kee JUNIOR stemming from the supposed earlier marriage of Joseph Mc Kee’s wife Ann Witherspoon. , Williamsburg, South Carolina SOUTH CAROLINA Pursuant to a precept to me directed by James St. bearing date the 13th day of Apr one thousand seven hundred and thirty eight, I have admeasured and laid out unto Mr. A few bold traders ventured up the trail to the Indian villages.Executors: wife, Anne Reese Knox with friends, Richard Hurst. He also had a grant of 622 acres in Amite County, 9 July 1816. John Mc Cullock of Anderson County, South Carolina signed will 4 Nov. Finally in 1729 Parliament bought out the Proprietors and Colonel Robert Johnson was sent out as the first governor of Carolina.Henry Janna ordered by the court to sell Negro slave girl claimed by William F. Hanna; Elizabeth Martha Hanna, Nancy Elvira Hanna, William Henry Hanna and Niece: Anna Hanna. To: Jane Hanna and Eliza Hanna, nieces of my brother James Hanna. 1806; probated 2 March 1807; naming wife, Elizabeth Mc Cullock, and two step-daughters, Elizabeth Cash and Mary Cash “to have the property of their deceased fathers”. Witness: James Crowder, John Milford and David Steel. He encouraged rather than discouraged expansion and a treaty between Scottish baronet Sir Alexander Cuming with the Cherokees in 1730 opened the door for the Ulster influx. 1776 in Williamsburg Township, Craven County, South Carolina. The Mackeys and Allied Families South Carolina Chapter II pp. Mc Kee [daughter] Sarah L., wife of James Mc Mahan [daughter] Elizabeth, wife of N. Carter [daughter] Rosannah, wife of James Grimes [daughter] Margaret B. Neal [daughter] James Mc Kee, deceased son; to his heirs [of whom further] Stephen J. When she married Archibald, Mary was a widow in her fifties — beyond normal child bearing age (even one, let alone two! It would be expected that if Archibald had children by his second marriage, they would be mentioned on his will. There is a reasonable likelihood that his first male child would have had that name but died young, perhaps in the great epidemict. Thomas of Abbeville County could possibly have been born as early as 1719 but more likely all three were a generation later than the family charted above.Archibald and his parents are believed to have been on the ship [Freemason] that landed Dec. To my daughters, Ann Knox, ½ to her children; Elizabeth, “to her children by her 1st husband, James Fleming”. From the copy Sandra could not be sure how it originally appeared because Archibald and Mc Kee were on separate lines along the right edge of the pape along with the words his mark. Names indexed: MCKEE, ARCHIBALD Locations: CRAVEN COUNTY Document type: LAND GRANT Series: S372001 Volume: 02K0 Page: 00042 Item: 000 Date: 1751-1752 Description: MCKEE, ARCHIBALD TO ALEXANDER NISBITT, MORTGAGE OF LEASE AND RELEASE FOR 280 ACRES OF LAND IN CRAVEN COUNTY. Unlike the “lost colony” experience there were no immediate problems with the Indians around this initial settlement.Note: Adam Mc Kee, Sr., Adam Mc Kee, Jr., and many others of this family are buried in a plantation graveyard about 1 mile from Greenville Churchyard, Abbeville County. Executor: wife Martha and “my brother”, Samuel Cooper [Charleston County: 14-137] Archibald Knox [probably grandson named in will of Archibald Mc Kee, deceased of Williamsburg Township] died in Amite County, Mississippi, leaving will signed 13 Feb. Knox, Amite County, signed will 11 June 1827; probated 22 Oct. The Carolinian settlers had became dissatisfied with injustices they perceived under the Proprietory system and in 1719 they asked to be made a “Crown Colony”.James Cooper, Williamsburg District, signed will 6 June 1771, naming wife, Martha and children: James Cooper, Jr., Janet, Margaret, Ann [b. 1827, naming Anne Reese Knox, and son, Samuel James Witherspoon Knox [minor]. Henry Janna removed to the Mississippi Territory and we find him in Amite County, Mississippi, 9 March 1810, with 163 acres. Both King George I and Parliament were receptive but negotiations dragged on for ten years.

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She was the daughter of John Witherspoon and Janette Witherspoon. MACKEY book confirms/ties sources together, including Adam & his sister Jane going to 76/Abbeville County. We can confirm that Archibald’s second marriage was to Mary nee WITHERSPOON, the widow of David WILSON and the AUNT of children in “pg.82” will. Tentatively ARCHIBALD is linked to the only ARCHIBALD on the IGI for Ireland but relationship is circumstantual and should be viewed with caution. James Witherspoon in his will in 1768 names heirs: “My granddaughter, Elizabeth Mc Kee, daughter of Ann and Archibald Mc Kee.” [SC Archives: Royal Land Grants & Colonial Wills, Charleston; Boddie: History of Williamsburg Co.] Archibald Mc Kee of Craven County, Williamsburg Township, a Marriage Settlement made 25 April 1757 with Mrs. Link to “our”Adam: N5-565 — Adam Mc Kee, son and heir at law to Archibald Mc Kee, late of Williamsburgh, Craven County, planter, deceased for 2/3/6 sterling to John Boyd of Williamsburgh, tract of land formerly run and laid out to Archibald Mc Kee deceased on the north branch of Black River commonly called Broad Swamp in the Township of Williamsburgh Signed by Adam Mc Kee and Jean Mc Kee.(seal) Witnesses were Grisal Mc Kee & William Brown. The Royalists succeeded in restoring young Prince Charles to the throne of England in 1660.1778, aged 37 Elizabeth Mc Kee, his 3rd widow died 6 July 1810, aged 66 years [SC Historical Magazine XIII, 66] Elizabeth Mc Kee signed will 2 July 1810; probated 24 July 1810, naming following heirs: Nephews: David Shaw, William Shaw, John Shaw. 1807, naming wife Jean, executor, with my sons, Michael and Adam Mc Kee, Jr. I suspect the postings were recycled “garbage” IF he existed, this Archibald Jr was purportedly born c1737 in SC and died some time after 1760. SOUTH CAROLINA Pursuant to a precept to me directed by James St. bearing date the 13th day of Apr one thousand seven hundred and thirty eight, I have admeasured and laid out unto Mr. Archibald Mc Kee a tract of land containing three hundred and fifty acres, situate lying and being within the township of Williamsburgh, in Craven County. From a path for Indian traders and hunters the Cherokee Path became the main roadway into the interior for traders and colonizers.To Nieces: Elizabeth Shaw, Lillie Shaw, Sarah Elvira Shaw. To my daughter, Margaret’s children [no surnames]: daughter Grissel: daughter Jean Lindsey; son Elijers; son John; daughters Mary, and son William Seath Mc Kee. Martha Knox, wife and administrator with sons-in-law: Alex. Archibald Mc Kee a tract of land containing three hundred and fifty acres, situate lying and being within the township of Williamsburgh, in Craven County. With their capital of Charles Town properly honoring the monarch and the rivers after Lord Proprietor Ashley-Cooper, as settlement layered outward from the capital city the three Proprietors established three counties giving them their own names of Berkeley, Colleton and Craven. This was not possible since Ann was not even born until 1739. Jane C., wife of Mark Prince, Pickens, SC [daughter] 2. A 7/5/1740 land grant for 300 acres and a lot in Kingstree places him in the settlement by that date. Some researchers have identified Archibald’s wife/ the mother of Joseph, Adam etal as Ann Witherspoon.

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