Accomadating and modifying adhd students

Having hearing loss is an important part of how I face the world: how I work, how I use a phone, and how I listen to and interact with others.I’ve never kept my hearing loss a secret from employers, my coworkers, or my students.I am fortunate that “reasonable accommodation” is all I need to keep doing what I love: teaching online.Before the ADA was in effect, a person with a disability had no legal rights to request assistive devices or to fight discrimination related to a disability. Legislation has also benefitted children who have special needs.I have a hearing impairment and wear two hearing aids to correct it.

Only about 20% of people with ADHD attend college, and of those students, approximately 5% graduate. Institutional support and understanding can make a big difference. Being aware of different types of accommodations and adaptations is another important part of being a general education teacher, as these specific areas of adaptations will help teachers focus on what exactly they can change in their lesson plans to meet the specific needs of learners.Students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are attending college in increasing numbers. They are more likely to have trouble with career decision-making, study skills, self-efficacy, and academic adjustment. After giving my approval, I hung up the phone and smiled.You see, that dad and his student know , and I have a disability.

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