6415a updating your network updating a gridview

To install on Mac OS, click the Download for Mac button, and a zip file containing the VSCode app will be downloaded to your Mac.See the VSCode website for detailed instructions on how to install and run VSCode.

6415a updating your network-24

To install on Ubuntu (or other Debian-based Linux), choose one of these options: Pick the method you like best, and follow the detailed installation instructions on the VSCode website.

To see if you have the xcode command-line tools installed, open a terminal window, type Note: Check the README on the nvm Git Hub repo to make sure you are installing the latest version (0.33.6 at the time of this writing). To install the Composer CLI, go to the command line (Ubuntu) or open terminal window (Mac OS), and enter this command:npm stands for Node Package Manager and was installed when nvm installed

The script makes changes to your Bash shell settings, so you need to exit the terminal window, and open a new one to load the new settings. Normally when you install a package through npm, it is available only within the directory tree where you installed it.

This tutorial builds on Part 1, where you learned how to model and test a simple business network in a local version of the Hyperledger Composer Playground.

Now let's go deeper into Hyperledger Composer and ultimately import your network model to the Online Playground on the IBM Cloud.(And when you complete this Part 2 tutorial, then Part 3 wraps everything up by showing you how to install Hyperledger Fabric on your computer, deploy your business network to your local instance, and interact with the sample network blockchain application.) You'll first need to install a few developer tools; the video in this tutorial will guide you through the installation.

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