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In this episode we explore the tensions felt by both men and women in their discussions around coming out about sexual harassment and assault, and explore strategies for increasing understanding and connection between people who identify as men and women.Co-hosts Ann Kelley, Ph D and Sue Marriott LCSW, CGP join special guest, Mason Marriott-Voss in a discussion on sexual harassment, the power flip against men in power, and the uncertainty many men now face in acting appropriately around women.Are we having nonstop kinky sex with one-night stands or remaining celibate into adulthood?But perhaps we're so misunderstood by society-at-large because even Millennials themselves haven't quite decided what we want."I think the culture we live in leads to this idea that there could always be someone else out there, so we don't want to get attached to anyone," he says.

They got close quickly, but after a couple months she began to push him away, until she ghosted him completely.Nice try Libs....can dish it out....you CAN'T TAKE IT!!! How is showing the OPPOSITE side of the coin not being on target??? Please let us know what you think about this episode and what Therapist Uncensored is doing in general!Resources page Learn more about the topic: Power causes brain damage!

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