100 no credit card millionaire dating site

After a large real estate firm acquired the company, Rampton went on to start several other successful businesses, including his current startup,

The 31-year-old from Palo Alto, California, has been using credit cards since he was a teenager and uses a top Nerd cash-back card for the majority of his purchases today.

“As a result,” he says, “credit card debt can end up crushing your finances over the long term. Don’t let the credit card take advantage of you.” Lee Huffman, finance manager and real estate investor Largest credit card purchase: ,000 to ,000 for partial payment on a minivan.

Huffman says he earned his first million dollars through investing.

He’s used several over the years, starting as an authorized user on his parents’ card as a teenager.

Sam Dogen, former Wall Streeter and executive director Largest credit card purchase: ,000 for porcelain bathroom tiles Also known as the Financial Samurai, 38-year-old San Francisco resident Dogen started his career on Wall Street.He primarily used this card because of the Companion Pass perk he earns.“This benefit allows my wife to fly for free wherever I fly on Southwest,” Huffman says.Rampton hasn’t always been credit card savvy, though.When he was in college, he always carried a balance and got caught in the interest trap.

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