10 rules chaste dating

Standard attire is pink or white panties, an extra-absorbent pad (normally used by those suffering from incontinence), and panty hose worn under male clothing.22.

If the submale is a sissy or TV, very feminine clothing should be reserved for rewards; drudge clothing — plain white panties, plain lingerie, housecoats, aprons, etc. The submale should never buy his own clothing without the guidance of his Mistress. and will be clean and properly groomed at all times.27.He may have asked her out and been turned down before, or she may be in a relationship. Maybe she's drunk, drugged, or under some other influence. He politely (and often insistently) declines her offer, pointing out that it would be wrong to take advantage of her like this.They may be together, and Bob's ready to take it to the next level, but Alice's waiting for the right time. Maybe she's broken up and on the rebound, or wants to make another guy jealous. He tells her this while she's coming onto him and likely in a near-predator manner.Bob will then feel bad for possibly hurting a girl's feelings and may get some mocking from people he tells, especially from his guy friends and even more so if he is a virgin.Occasionally Alice, once she has returned to a more sober or stable state of mind, will thank him for being so noble and drop hints that he's an OK guy.

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