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Further, they will need to orchestrate and encourage creativity across all the levels for which creativity is important. Successful economies and societies will need to be creative From an organisational perspective we can see why we must demand creativity from individuals, teams and the firm. You have to be sure of who you are and what you bring to the table before you can go out and be creative. Mark, Good paper; I think creativity in an inherent feature in all higher education.

They will need to identify and develop creativity in individuals, build and nurture creativity in teams and set the culture and align processes to promulgate creativity throughout the whole organisation. However, according to the 2010 Winning Ingredients report from Standard Chartered... It is not always obvious, but most of our efforts are indirectly aligned to creativity skills.

I wonder if they will convince you of the cruciality of creativity too.

1 - Creativity and innovation are the number 1 strategic priorities for organizations the world over The Boston Consulting Group has been running an annual strategy survey for the last 8 years.

For 7 out of 8 years creativity and innovation have been the top ranked strategic imperative.

Hardly suprising - it is innovation and creativity that enable the development of new ways of working that ensure profitability.

5 - Creative organisations are more profitable First, creative companies harness the creativity within the organization to improve or invent new products, processes and services.

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You also get the option to only pay a small per minute charge for services over buying packages of time. * You CAN sneak a private message to someone chatting that YOU would love to chat with them, now, or later.2 - Creativity is part of all our day jobs Many researchers would agree that creativity is concerned with producing ideas that are original and useful in order to solve problems and exploit opportunities.When we consider creativity to be part of everyday problem-solving - we can see why the 2009 NESTA Everyday Innovation survey proposed that creativity was an integral part of modern work.Not just for Chief Executives or arch-strategists, but for all of us.We can all find original and useful ways of solving the problems we encounter.

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